Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

User Guide

Product Installation and configuration

Printer settings and printing a job

  • Printer settings
  • Printing

Software Structure:

  • Basic rules
  • Horizontal and vertical menu
  • System Parameters
  • Organizer
  • Units Tests 
  • Register of errors
  • Units Register
  • Archival units register 
  • Import of units in the Units register and Archival
  • Libraries with non-standard units
  • Operations Manager 
  • Layers of units

General Operations

  • New job
  •  Job System
    • Save job 
    • Open job
      • Job Import/Export
      • Export of a job
      • Import of a job

Standard Operations

  • Zoom
  • Shows the whole drawing on the screen
  • Minimizes window for visibility of the drawing
  • Delete unit from the drawing
  • Hide units by  layer /Seen layers in the drawing
  • Status bar

Operations for creating of the drawings

  • Premise/room
  • Manual moving of units in the drawing
  • Split Windows
  • Insert units

  • Cabinets- Generated multielement units (Wardrobes, Upper (wall) kitchen cabinets, Bottom (base) cabinets, Writting tables, Other tables)
    • Module functions. General principles.
    • Module parameters
    • Common operations for the cabinet details
    • Back panel construction settings
    • End panels construction settings. Creation of non-standard shapes
    • Top construction settings. Creation of elements with non-standard form. Generating of rails
    • Bottom construction settings. Creation of non-standard  forms. 
    • Generating of cabinet additional details
    • Baseboard and legs settings
    • Shelves, drawers and rods for clothes - settings
    • Internal vertical panels (partition) settings
    • Creation of assembly scheme (Exploded view) 
    • Template creation
    • Measurement and display of  units and elements sizes
  • Kitchen countertops and sink - Generated multielement units
  • Doors -Generated multielement units
  • Additional elements
  • Worktops
  • Addition of doors/ fronts and handles
  • Information about a unit from a drawing
  • Sets
  • 2D texts
  • 3D Text
  • Interior units - picture, posters, landscapes, carpets 
  • Faience - terracotta
  • Blinds - curtains
  • Add images

Operations wit units in the job

  • Change unit sizes
  • Unit position
  • 2D Unit rotation
  • Copying of  unit
  • Unit correction
  • Mirror turrning / rotation
  • Invisible units in the job
  • Groups of units

Measurement of units in the job

  • Automatic measurement of units in the drawing
  • Measurement and display of  sizes of units and elements

Operations for drawing rendering

  • Texture libraries
  • Views
  • User view
  • Layer-texture
  • Light sources - User system
  • Light sources - User system 2016-2018
  • Colouring of the job
  • Automatic saving of the painted drawing

  • Activation of operations by  COMMAND MANAGER
  • Kitchen drawing - step by step
  • Basic methods for positioning of objects in the drawing
  • Creation of unit icon - step by step
  • Rendering a job –step by step
  • Standard system of price formation and automatic cutting - Step by step
  • Automatic connecting of elements' nomenclatures with materials on base of the connected layers from the job with coloring textures
  • Automatic connecting of elements' nomenclatures with materials on base of the connected elements with matrerials in module Cabinet
  • System for creation of job using  module "Sets" with checked option "Unites the units of set in group" and fixed price of sets.
  • Library of drawings

Creation of nonstandard units

  • New units construction
    • 2D Primitives
    • 3D Primitives
    • 3D Elements - Decorations
    • 3D Elements - Pipes, Profiles
    • 3D Elements - Mouldings
    • 3D Elements - Grid
  • Operations
  • Tools bar
  • Exemplary creation for construction of elements of units

Calculation of materials and generating of price offer

  • The nomenclature of materials, elements, units
    • Nomenclature elements
    • Nomenclature units
    • Nomenclature materials
  • Price offer formation

Additional module: Cut Base - Cutting of materials

  • Automatic definition of elements
    • Commom information
    • Cutting settings
    • Report's settings
    • Working mode (sequense of perations)
    • Combining of some jobs in one cutting map - Deign Sintez Pro
    • Creating of export files to external software solutions for cutting
    • Cutting reports
      • Cutting items
      • Material expenditure
      • Calculation on units
      • Total calculation
      • Specification of details
      • Total expense of materials on elements
      • Expense on units
      • Разход врати/чела
  • Manual entering of elements
    • Common information and sequense of operations